flexible, innovative and experienced...


flexible, innovative and experienced...


flexible, innovative and experienced...


We are happy to advise you… whether for your trade fair appearance, the company anniversary, a product presentation, the birthday or the conference.
We make your challenges one of our tasks. We support you in the planning and implementation of your trade fair or event.

Feel like a guest at your own event – we take responsibility and don’t let you down in the rain.
That’s why we are always on site during the event and always available.
Challenge us with ideas, concepts, or sub-tasks!
Whether for public authorities, companies or private individuals, we adapt to our customers.

Maybe soon on you too?
We look forward to a personal conversation with you.


This you can expect!


Events that have an impact.


Every person is looking for entertainment.


Merchandise / Videos / Live-Stream / …

About us

fee serviced Customers all over Europe at events and fairs with a permanent team. In order to guarantee you a high standard, a project manager is always available and responsible for each task.

However, we offer you not only the personnel and the service, but also the state-of-the-art equipment from a single source as a production company.

We do not realise events for their own sake, but to bring success to you – our customers.

As a sustainably working agency fee trains the young people in the areas of event technology specialist and event management assistant.

Time is short, nobody calls back

from all sides it is said: you’ll do it!

Now what?

The flyer is not finished yet, the press articles still have to be written, the customers invited, the presentation, the projector, the show act… all are on holiday or are not there.

Challenge us!


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